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Masque 21

Masque 21

A unique gel-based masque applique, using our patented Resveratrol to help gently remove the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

1.0 oz / 30 mL

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A unique intensive pigment removal and exfoliation application. Can be used 3-4 days a week gently in 10-to-15-minute period then rinsed off; A more aggressive usage can be done by leaving the masque on the face overnight.
US Patents 9,779,489, 10,888,515, & 11,654,099.


Water, Hydroxytheylcellulose, Dimethicone, Glycerine, Carbomer, Gamma-Oryzanol, Enhanced Resveratrol, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Extract, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Wild Blueberry Extract (Vacciniumangustifolium), Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) And Raspberry Seed Extract, Cranberry (Vaccinum Macrocarpon), Prune (Prunus Domestica), Tart Cherry (Prunus CerasusI), Wild Bilberry Extract (Vaccinium Myrtillus), Strawberry (Fragaria Virginia), Phenoxyethanol, Capryl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol.

Care Instructions

Masque 21 is formulated to be used on the face.

How to apply Masque 21
Use the pump about three -four times to dispense the masque applique gel, then gently
spread to the entire face in a thin layer. Allow to remain on the face for a 10 to 15 minute period, then rinse off with water. Moisturizer can then be applied following rinse off. For a more intensive experience the masque can be left on the face for overnight, then rinsed off in the morning.

When to apply Repair 21:
For best results use Masque 21 three times per week, during night-time after cleansing.
Cautions on Use: Do not apply Masque 21 to the eye regions, or sensitive membranes of the skin. If irritation occurs rinse off immediately. Not for use with children.


What are the benefits of Masque 21?
Masque 21 provides a very intensive exfoliation effect without the use of AHA or BHA acids, instead relying on a unique complex of fruit acids combined with our patented Resveratrol to provide a more gentle yet very effective exfoliation effect on skin without the irritation that most exfoliants are known for. This allows for an effective lift for areas of the skin with excessive surface pigmentation as well as discolored and blemished skin.
What sort of skin care problems is Masque 21 good for?
Masque 21 is effective against dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and additionally works to help remove visible skin blemishes, dull and discolored skin, and stubborn acne.

What skin types can use Masque 21?
Masque 21 can be used with all types of skin. What are the Key Ingredients of Masque 21? The Enhanced Resveratrol in Masque 21 is the most important ingredient, with its active anti-pigment and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Gamma-Oryzanol (also known as Rice Bran Oil) also works as both an anti-inflammatory and anti-pigment agent. The fruit acid complex provides the exfoliation ability, working gently to loosen the
hardened top layers of skin.

When can Masque 21 be used? Masque 21 is formulated as a night-time use item and should be used no more than three to four times per week, with at least one to two nights in between each application. Masque 21 should not be used nightly as this may cause excessive irritation.

Will Masque 21 irritate skin?
Masque 21 is specially formulated to be a gentle exfoliation experience. However any exfoliation product will produce some irritation especially during first use. Its recommended users take care and use only a portion of the face on the very first application of the Masque to test their skin’s sensitivity to the product. Most irritation from application disappears after only a few minutes, but use should be discontinued if the irritation persists.

Can Masque 21 just be applied to the area with dark spots and not the entire face?
Yes. If desired a small layer of Masque 21 can be applied to only the affected area as a spot-removal treatment. Leave on
for 15 minute and then rinse off with water, or leave on overnight for a more intensive treatment.

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