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Before and After RXFACE®

The secret to a smooth, bright, flawless complexion.

RxFace® Serum 21: A New Solution for Dark Spots

Serum 21 is an easy-gliding, quickly penetrating skin care serum that can be used daily as an intensive solution for anti-aging and brightening Serum 21 can defend against UV-radiation and environmental stress and renew skin cells, resulting in revitalized skin with a healthy, shiny appearance even from the first use.

Key Ingredients: Enhanced Resveratrol, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Chaga Mushroom

Main Benefits: Helps reduce appearance of Dark spots and Hyperpigmentation as well as Fine Lines and blemishes, Solar (UV) damage prevention and repair, and defense against environmental stress on skin.

US Patents 9,770,480, 10,888,515 & 11,654,099.

RXFACE®: Let Nature Be Your Skin’s Rx.

RXFACE® is a novel skincare system that can help you achieve a smooth, bright, and flawless complexion. It can reduce issues like dark spots, skin damage, fine lines and wrinkles, in just two to three weeks of use.

RXFACE® includes powerful antioxidants that can penetrate deep into your skin, making the skin surface softer with a more even skin tone and a radiant glow. Discover the Key ingredient in RXFACE® and how it can improve your skin’s appearance and health. 


The power of RXFACE® lies in the miracle elixir at the heart of our line and nature’s most potent antioxidant which transforms, renews, and reawakens skin – Resveratrol. 

This next generation antioxidant is where the power of the RXFACE® rejuvenation begins. With each application, it goes to work instantly, revealing healthier skin with an exquisite glow, lit from within. 

And, since RXFACE® leverages the power of our patented fermentation process, Resveratrol’s gold mine of anti-aging benefits is given enhanced strength… 

The RXFACE® Difference

The result of two decades of research, RXFACE® takes skin care science to the next level by transforming Resveratrol from an already amazing free-radical fighter to an anti-oxidant, anti-aging powerhouse. 

What is the science behind RXFACE®

  • RXFACE starts with a patented process that selects carefully cultivated red grapes and then submits them to a unique fermentation method to create resveratrol with enhanced antioxidant strength.

  • Fermentation is the key, as the grapes are put through a 21-day process set at 21 degrees centigrade to fully develop resveratrol’s chemical properties.

  • After fermentation and extraction, a cold manufacturing process ensures the higher antioxidant strength is retained in the final products.

Our patented process has created a skincare system without equal. With RXFACE®, you can experience the free radical fighting power of Enhanced Resveratrol. Our innovative system slips effortlessly into your skin cells to reverse the damage caused by environmental stress and UV radiation, dramatically improve skin brightness and clarity, boost collagen and elastin formation, and stimulate youthful skin cell renewal. 

RXFACE® is Nature’s Rx for Bright and Healthy Skin.

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