New patent issued!

RxFace® is pleased to announce the granting of patent number 11,654,099 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for our innovative skin care solution. This patent revolutionizes the approach to reducing hyperpigmented lesions on human skin, marking a significant milestone in dermatology.
Our patented technology utilizes resveratrol, a potent compound found in red wine, to effectively diminish hyperpigmentation. Our solution delivers remarkable results without harsh chemicals. This breakthrough is integral to Shantel's new RxFace® skin care system.
The benefits of our patented solution extend beyond reducing hyperpigmented lesions. Our RxFace® system, based on our Resveratrol-related patents, reduces signs of aging and UV-induced damage. Our comprehensive skin care system includes Serum 21, Crème 21, and Masque 21, all leveraging our patented technology.
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